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Syncing Github with Codeplex

June 30, 2013

Assuming you have used the Github Windows gui (or the console) to clone a Github repository, you can push it up to Codeplex in the console by using something like this:

git push --all

I use this Mercurial plugin on an Ubuntu box to synchronise my Bitbucket Mercurial repository onto Github. It’s a crazy setup to have 3 repositories, but this comes from the problem that Bitbucket gets very little exposure to the .NET community while Codeplex is used heavily. Git is probably a close second behind Codeplex for exposure but I still prefer Mercurial to Git, at least for the 1-man Roadkill project.

Why not sync Bitbucket with a Codeplex mercurial repository? The Codeplex Mercurial support is terrible by their own admission, and pushing any large changes simply times out, so I have to jump through these hoops to sync everything up.


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