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Installing the Spruce alpha

December 08, 2010

The installation of (the current version of Spruce when this post was written) is very straightforward:

  • You need TFS 2010, it won’t work with 2008. Install .NET 4 and register it for IIS.
  • Create a new Application Pool on your TFS IIS server, give it Network Service as the owner
  • Create a new application in your TFS website under /TFS/. It must be under this path for the windows authentication to work
  • Assign the application pool to this application
  • Point it to the place you’ve put your spruce directory
  • Edit the web.config in spruce to change the DefaultProjectName to the project you want to appear by default for every user.

Future versions will have a proper per-user configuration for projects, currently it’s session based only.


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