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From Squarespace to WordPress

February 23, 2013

The site is now powered by WordPress, having tried it out a few years ago and rejected it, I’ve come to like it and its plugin architecture - it’s fairly slick now and supports everything I needed. It has a wealth of themes which Squarespace doesn’t have, far more flexible and about the same price.

The move was frustrating, as Squarespace exports its content in Typepad format, a terrible non-structured export format which meant I lost all the formatting of the snippets. I ended up having to reformat all 130 or so blog post snippets (around 200 chunks of C#/XML blocks in total) putting the majority of them on Github which retains the formatting.

I also moved away from Disqus at the same time, to keep the comments in one place. So, stick to WordPress for code blogs would be my advice to any other dev thinking of starting up a repository of snippets and code snippets.


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