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Google chrome about pages

March 03, 2009

Inside the amazing world of Chrome about pages.

The new google browser Chrome, based on Webkit is my own favourite browser right now (for google apps anyway) as it really does go like a rocket. This will probably change soon when it gets bloated with plugins, toolbars and google tie-in. A bit like Firefox, Chrome has a wealth of about: screens you can use to view what’s going on in the browser. Below is a list of about pages Chrome has available, taken from various blogs, blog comments and looking at the DLLs it uses in a hex editor.


Shows a blank screen for now


Displays more information about Chrome and other running browsers’ memory usage than you would possible ever want, unless you’re developing a browser of course.


Displays some fairly basic information about network performance and timings for page requests.


In depth information about the innards of Chrome, timers and counters on chrome events from the looks of things.


Displays tabular data about which sites are cached. My list contained mostly google dns entries.


The tubes are clogged


A list of all items in the cache with a link to each item to view it.


An ascii set of histograms of Chrome events. Load time, dns fetch time,favicon fetching and all kinds of things.


Tabular data about the plugins loaded such as flash, wmp, quicktime.


The current version of Chrome.


This causes Chrome to simulate hanging after a bit of a delay. This then causes a hang dialog to appear.


Similar to about:hang


Causes the current tab to crash causing a sad face to appear.


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