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From Jeykll to Gatsby

April 22, 2019

My blog, or site full of random programming content really (blogs didn’t really exist in 2001 when I started it), began with the domain

I can’t remember when I abandoned that domain, but the site had a flurry of updates in 2008-2013, and has stagnated a bit over the past years. original

It’s gone from PHP to .NET webforms, to Umbraco, to C1 CMS, to Squarespace, to Wordpress, to Wyam, to Jeykll/Github pages and now it’s on Gatsby which has been a fun learning curve, and hosted with the excellent

Thanks to frontmatter all the urls were preserved in Gatsby, thanks to the “permalink” field. Good news for the 500 weekly viewers of 6 ways to get the current directory in c#.

Needless to say that in 2019 it’s far easier to publish custom content than back in 2001, with the site being in a decent standardized format - Markdown and Frontmatter, inside a Git repository and auto-published with virtually everything you need out of the box thanks to Gatsby and Netlify.

I’m hoping to add some new content over the coming months.


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