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Password Generator

August 16, 2010

Update: It’s 2015 and no browser supports Silverlight anymore (good riddance). Feel free to compile the source and turn it into a console app.

This Silverlight-based tool produces either prounceable or alphanumeric passwords of the length you want, and quantity.

Alphanumeric passwords are mixed case passwords in the form of something like “B3Bf0f42F4”. The generator performs an MD5 hash on a random number.

Prounceable passwords tend to be more useful for password rotation as they are memorable, so people will be less inclined to write them down. Examples include words like “llantedynd” (ok not so prounceable unless you’re Welsh), “cardellelt”, “flotshrous”. Combining the output with additional numbers and and none alphanumeric characters helps the password strength.

The password generator classes are available to download here. Update: the demo is no longer available as it was originally created with Silverlight.


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