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February 14, 2016

I listen to a lot of podcasts from a small clique of online “life hackers” (a cringey term), most of which I’ve discovered via Joe Rogan.

The majority are nutrition, health and self-improvement related one of which is Tim Ferris. I found Tim’s podcast after reading chunks of his 4 hour books (not via Rogan), and on his latest podcast his guest is the enterpreneur Seth Godson.

To find Seth’s blog, type “seth’s blog” into Google. The podcast is ok but the interesting part is the format of his blog - the concise short posts that all fit on the main page, instead of having exercepts. Most of my blog posts are way longer, packed with useless detail nobody will ever read and a waste of time as I’m not paid per word. Short posts encourage visitors to read the whole thing instead of skim reading for the technical knowledge, as a few paragraphs is not a big time investment.

So in future I’m aiming for a lot less TLDR posts and more < 8 paragraph posts, starting with this one! boom


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