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The Unix Cheat Sheet has been updated

September 05, 2016

My career as a web-centric software dev started with Unix (Linux and some Solaris/BSD) and thanks to .NET Core I’m now back in that world for some of my web development. I much prefer Unix for the server, particularly as it’s far cheaper than Windows to tinker with as a developer but also its simplicity. It is made for automation - something Windows is slowly catching up with but still performs in a clunky way.

Windows Server 2016 is likely to bring Windows closer to the bash and SSH world, but you are still stuck with some strange technology choices like WinRM using WCF, when SSH was already around and COM legacy everywhere and XML as the preference for configuration (versus YAML, TOML, JSON) for lots of systems like IIS and autoattend files.

Microsoft have performed a full U-turn with their Linux strategy and us C# developers are now free from our shackles and able to use Linux and Mac for things like Docker, .NET Core, Powershell on Linux, SQL Server on Linux and the Linux Subsystem on Windows.

It makes you wonder where Microsoft would be now if the decision to do this was done 10 years ago…anyway I’ve update the Unix cheat sheet I wrote about 11 years ago (put into a CMS in 2009) to include some new knowledge and the CHMOD calculator is able to go both ways. I few Docker commands will appear there shortly too.


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